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Data Privacy

The European General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) has set off a firestorm in the balance between access and privacy.  Our GDPR offering suite, offered as a stand-alone or in conjunction with a full cybersecurity service enables alternative investment groups to monitor performance under the new regulations.



Our offering addresses the following 22 items that form the complete set of compliance outcomes subject to regulation.

  • Data Protection by Design

  • Data Audit

  • Data Register

  • Data Map

  • Access Rights to Data

  • Data Retention Policy

  • Automated Decision-making

  • Accountability

  • Privacy Policy

  • Privacy Notice

  • Regulatory Fees

  • Management Responsibility

  • Legal Basis for GDPR Processing

  • International Data Sharing/Transfer

  • Incident Response/Data Breach

  • Data Protection Impact Assessment

  • Information Data Risk Management/Data Security

  • Accurate Personal Data & Regular Updating

  • Right to Restrict Processing

  • Right to Data Portability

  • Right to Object

  • Third-Party GDPR Guarantees

Privacy Shield

For those who will be affected by the need to share personal data internationally with the US, we offer Privacy Shield assistance so you and your organization can meet the requirements of the Privacy Shield and become subject to its protections.  We can assist with:

  • The Principles of the Privacy Shield

  • Privacy Policy

  • Privacy Notice

  • Registration with appropriate independent recourse bodies

  • Self-certification

  • Annual Updates

Post- GDPR Readiness Audit

In addition to our GDPR Readiness Framework, we are available to review your firm’s implemented GDPR framework for compliance, using our proprietary matrix, which is aligned along the 22 points we include in our GDPR Readiness Framework.  Using this gap analysis, you can have comfort that your preparations are in line with industry and regulatory requirements and mitigate liability or exposure to penalties in the event of a personal data breach.

Ongoing Accountability Support

GDPR requires all firms to demonstrate “accountability” to the Regulation.  In order to achieve your objectives and demonstrate accountability we can:

  • Assist in the establishment and testing of KPI

  • Develop and lead tabletop scenarios

  • Review ongoing GDPR developments

  • Update Policies and Procedures

  • Implement upgrades to data protection plans