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Optionality was an early evangelist for “fintech” offerings dating back to 2011.  We are well connected to leading fintech venture capitalists in Europe, the United States, Australia, as well as Singapore and Hong Kong.  

We assist fintech companies with the following:

  • Licensing strategy and application - Today regulators are still challenged with how to accommodate financial technology firms within their existing regulatory frameworks. Optionality can assist fintech companies with designing their regulatory strategy, including whether to seek regulatory exemptive treatment for innovative strategies.
  • "Follow the sun" - We provide a team of dedicated regulatory and operational experts to help fintech companies scale. From our base in Singapore we enable fintech companies to truly explore the global markets. 
  • Opex management - Fintech companies are uniquely dependent on outside experts such as law firms and “Big 4” accountancies, which can burn through an angel or early round investment in record time.  We can help.  Working with management to review bills and assess needs, we can bring down the burn and extend your runway.